For Homeowners

General Purpose Appraisals

Plan ahead and be informed! Premier Home Appraisals General Purpose or Pre-Listing Appraisals can be used for:

  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO) transactions
  • Cash sales
  • Asset allocation (divorce proceedings)
  • Contesting Tax Assessments
  • PMI removal
  • Bankruptcy
  • Estate settlements


  • Impartial/unbiased evaluation
  • Second opinion to Realtor valuation
  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO)
  • Identify potential problems early on
  • Price negotiations
  • Divorces/Bankruptcy

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  • Interior & exterior inspection
  • Minimum of 3 comparables
  • Market Analysis/Statistics

Most Popular

  • Interior & exterior inspection
  • Minimum of 3 comparables
  • Market Analysis/Statistics
  • Property measurements & sketch


  • Interior & exterior inspection
  • Minimum of 4 comparables
  • Market Analysis/Statistics
  • Property measurements & sketch
  • For unique properties*


  • Impartial/unbiased evaluation – Appraisers are more connected to the real estate valuation process.
  • Second opinion to Realtor valuation – Agents will often value homes high in order to get a listing. Valuable marketing time is lost as an overpriced home languishes on the open market.
  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO) – Alternatively, if homeowners do not wish to work with an Agent to sell their property, a Pre-Listing Appraisal is a good idea to set the selling price. Real estate websites often provide misleading or incorrect information that do not truly reflect the market value. Often relying on incorrect data. Appraisers aren’t compensated by the sale of a home and are required to remain unbiased by USPAP.
  • Identify potential problems early on – A Pre-Listing appraisal can outline repairs that may enhance or detract from the property’s overall appeal. Undertaking repairs early on can be a cost-effective solution that could in turn increase the final sale price.
  • Price negotiations – A seller’s Pre-Listing Appraisal report can be used to support a counteroffer.
  • Divorces/Bankruptcy – An appraisal can assist with establishing current market value for combining families, divorces and bankruptcy proceedings.


  • General purpose, restricted-use USPAP compliant appraisal report
  • Valuation provided by Certified Residential Appraiser
  • Guaranteed 72 hour turnaround time (after inspection)
  • Interior and exterior inspection of the property
  • Market analysis for the subject’s zip code from RBI Stats
  • Minimum of three (3) comparables
  • Subject and comparable photos
  • Subject Tax Record and current listing if applicable
  • List of necessary repairs with resolution commentary/advice
  • Location map
  • Property measurements & sketch (when purchased)

Disclaimer: *Unique properties typically are greater than 5,000 sq ft above-grade and/or have lot sizes greater than 3 acres. Other factors may be taken into account. Turnaround times include business days, not weekends. Report cannot be used for lending purposes. Fees may vary for properties with larger lots, larger square footage and/or have unique features. The square footage indicated in public records is used unless measurements and a sketch is purchased.