Solidifi ExtraOrdinary Appraiser

Solidifi ExtraOrdinary Appraiser

Recognition for a Job Well Done

Troy Kaster, President of Premier Home Appraisals, was recognized by Solidifi’s NOVA, DC, MD Regional Manager as a Solidifi EXTRAordinary Appraiser. This honor is presented to Solidifi’s top performing real estate appraisers who demonstrate Outstanding Performance, Customer Service and Commitment to Quality.

Award Significance

Solidifi is the third largest independent provider of residential real estate appraisals and is the appraisal service provider of choice for 50% of the Top 50 Lenders in the US. Solidifi is an appraisal management company (AMC) who’s approach at connecting the lenders with qualified appraisers is “next generation”. They have created an unique environment where the lender sets the parameters and the appraisers are encouraged to “compete” by meeting requirements such as turn around time, accuracy and overall customer service. The appraisers are then scored on their performance and compared to others in their area. These scores allow the stronger appraisers to shine and sets the competitive stage for each appraiser to perform at their best, perfecting their skill set.

Solidifi has raised the bar in this field of business in the areas of service, quality and professionalism. That standard is what makes this award so special; it sets Troy Kaster of Premier Home Appraisals apart from others in his field in the NOVA, DC and MD area, as an appraiser who runs his business with the highest of integrity.

“I am honored to receive the Solidifi EXTRAordinary Appraiser award. It is our mission at Premier Home Appraisals to offer the very best appraisal experience to our clients; that includes providing unparalleled customer service, fast turn around times and error free appraisals. We are thankful Solidifi has recognized us for our hard work and attention to details.” – Troy Kaster